Executive Director


Christine McEntee, AGU’s Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is orchestrating major changes for the organization.

Since her arrival in September 2010, McEntee has guided AGU through a realignment that reflects the programs and goals of its strategic plan.  As outlined, the strategic plan will modernize AGU and make it more responsive to the needs of its 60,000 members.  Other accomplishments during her tenure to date include building strategic partnerships with allied Earth science organizations in the United States and internationally; modernizing AGU’s journals and publication; and broadening use of social media to reach members.

In a summer 2011  interview, McEntee observed, “When I arrived, I expected that the organization was very committed to building on its base of scientific leadership and finding the best way to get that voice better heard outside of the scientific community. Since then, I think we’ve made a good deal of progress.”

With its strategic foundation strengthened, AGU will continue to educate scientists, policymakers, and the general public about the importance of the Earth from its core to the deepest reaches of space.

Christine McEntee, AGU’s Executive Director/CEO, speaks about opportunities and challenges for the world’s largest organization of Earth and space scientists, her experience as CEO of professional societies, and how it will benefit AGU and its members.

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